What makes an organization unique is its culture. The same is true for us in ABSCBN. Our core values, reflected in our culture and the way we serve the Filipino, set us apart from other organizations.

For us in ABS-CBN, our core values serve as our anchor and guidepost. They keep us grounded and remind us of the things that matter more than ratings, revenues, and profits. They guide us in our decision-making and direct our choices and actions. Our core values, with clearly articulated behavioral indicators, define what the ABS-CBN culture is and what kind of people would thrive in our organization.

ABS-CBN CEO & President, Ms. Charo Santos-Concio, has beautifully encapsulated the essence of our culture and our people when she said, “ABS seeks that person whose core mission in life is to be of service to his countrymen. ABS seeks that person that does not need the limelight but seeks only the reward of giving to his Filipino brethren and can put what is good for the customer, what is good for the company, ahead of himself. ABS seeks that person who will do what it takes to give his fellow Filipino the wonderful world he needs and in so doing, discovers his own wonderful world – a world where he sees the greater meaning in all the things he does.”

Indeed, in ABS-CBN, we live to serve. And we serve best when we embody our core values of Meritocracy; Excellence; Teamwork; Teaching and Learning; Honesty, Integrity, and Respect; and Service Orientation.

Everyday, in our work, in whatever we do, we look to these core values for guidance and we are reminded that the reason we work so passionately in ABSCBN is because we are here to serve the Filipino.