The Company’s Code of Conduct defines the behaviors that are acceptable or not acceptable within the organization. It details the offenses versus the company’s or the person’s property, the schedule of penalties for each offense according to its gravity, and the grievance process, and defines the roles of the different people involved in disciplinary action. The Code covers all directors, employees, consultants, product and service providers, and anyone who acts in the name of ABS-CBN.

The Code of Conduct includes the Company’s Conflict of Interest Policy.  Directors are disallowed from engaging in any business which competes with or is antagonistic to that of the Company or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates.  On the other hand, employees are expected not to have any direct or indirect financial or pecuniary interest in any business, contract, or transaction in connection with which they intervene or take part in their official capacity.  In addition, employees are expected not to render services to another employer without the knowledge of higher management.  They are also expected to disclose other businesses or jobs undertaken which may be in conflict with any existing or future undertaking of the Company.

Assisting in the dissemination and implementation of this Code of Conduct is the Ethics Committee, which focuses on conflict-of-interest situations. The Committee helps make decisions and clarify stands in cases of personal or professional conflict, or in which the employee or the company stands to gain unfairly from an arrangement, relationship, or procedure. Essential to the idea of good and ethical conduct is the upholding of common corporate and individual values, which are disseminated through a process of values cascading.

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