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Stellar Artists

Let social media stars power your brand’s story.


  1. Stellar helps marketers find the right digital celebrities who match their brand persona and can best amplify their social media campaign.

  2. Stellar incentivizes celebrities to create branded posts, photos, and videos that they may share with their followers.

  3. Stellar looks for social media personalities and helps them solidify their online presence and gather more fans.

With Stellar’s proprietary tools, and its diverse pool of social media stars,
you can ignite conversations that will create engagement, create fans
and create brand love.

Make your brand stand out in the digital universe!

If you’re looking for a social media celebrity to amplify your campaign on digital, then you’ve come to the right place. Stellar’s proprietary tools—Navi Score, Word Cloud, and Campaign Analytics—will help you select the best personality from among our roster of talents. With our most followed celebrity influencers, we can help you create more exciting ways to tell your brand’s story.

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Be a Stellar star!

Do you have a big number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Then Stellar can help you manage your social media accounts, optimize your content for advertising opportunities.

We’ll also promote you across all ABS-CBN digital platforms—making your online presence stronger, bigger, and brighter.

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Let our stars tell your brand’s story!

ABS-CBN Stellar has the most trusted, most followed and most influential personalities in social media.
With their growing number of fans and followers, our talents are more than ready to collaborate with you.

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